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Our responsibility

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As a company, we value corporate social responsibility, both to society and towards our employees. Taking care of the environment is therefore a recurring element in our daily business operations. Separating waste, using recyclable packaging materials, co-developing 100% natural products and Lean & Green transport are some examples of this.

Sustainable Development Goals

Our sustainability approach is based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) initiated by the United Nations in 2015. These 17 Sustainable Development Goals provide a shared blueprint to end poverty and to protect the planet to ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity, now and into the future. Because we want to contribute to achieving these goals and are committed to making our planet future-proof, we actively support them.

Royal Utermöhlen currently focuses on the SDG’s that are closely aligned with our core business: Good health and well-being (SDG 3), Quality education (SDG 4), Responsible consumption and production (SDG 12) and Partnerships for the goals (SDG 17).

What we are exactly doing, is described in detail in our Sustainability Report.

*A new version will be published in early 2024.


Sustainable Development Goals

Amfori member

Amfori is a leading international business association for sustainable trade. They enable companies around the world to do business successfully and responsibly by helping them improve environmental, social and governance performance. There is a zero tolerance policy in this respect, so there is no child labour, forced labour, unsafe working conditions, bribery or deception (hiding production sites) or inhumane treatment (corporal punishment or sexual violence).

Less plastic

Every year we all throw away many kilos of plastic, far from all of which is recycled. To make an important contribution to a better environment, we are introducing more and more products in cardboard packaging with an FSC label. And we will continue to do so in the coming years. We will analyze the possibilities for each product without compromising the sterility, quality or safety of the product. Together, we will keep many kilos of plastic out of our environment every year.

Doing good for another and the world

We feel it is important to give something back. To do our bit. Because we believe that everyone deserves the very best care. Anywhere in the world.

We do this, for instance, by sending first aid supplies to projects in Africa and, after the start of the war in Ukraine, we delivered first aid supplies and maternity kits in the Ukrainian border town of Lviv. We also support the Baby Hope Foundation. This foundation collects maternity supplies to help mothers in Africa, India, South America and Eastern Europe to give birth hygienically so that their babies are born alive and healthy.

But also in the Netherlands a lot of people are still struggling. Therefore we have a social partnership with Amsterdam’s FRIS Supermarket, that lets families in a financially vulnerable situation shop for free. The supermarket also provides them with more opportunities in society, by for example helping families with unique LifeCoach programs to make structural improvements in their lives. In this way, they regain self-confidence and dignity. FRIS Supermarket is an initiative of Stichting Studiezalen. Their goal? To give even more residents from vulnerable neighborhoods the opportunity, space and guidance to let their talents flourish.

We want to help people move forward. Make sure they can get everything out of life and themselves. Not letting anything hold you back or limit you. This is where we found a match with the Star of Life Foundation, among others. Star of Life Foundation provides acute medical assistance during major sporting events and specialises in trauma assistance in the sport of cycling. They make sure athletes get the best care so they can get up and carry on, sometimes literally. So it’s a perfect match with our consumer brand HeltiQ, because we are there when you need us so you can always keep going!

Place for everyone

Every year we offer several students an internship tailored to their learning goals. Practical training is very important to us and we are committed to training the next generation of professionals (or perhaps our new colleagues).

In addition to working with our team of employees, we also offer the opportunity for people with an occupational disability to participate in our factory’s production process with the right guidance.