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Royal distinction

Bezoek Koningin Wilhelmina

The invention of the first aid dressing in 1901 made Royal Utermöhlen national and international important. The dressing saved many lives by stemming the bleeding of (gunshot) wounds during various wars waged at that time. Utermöhlen received the distinction “Royal“. Something we are still enormously proud of.

Koninklijke predicaat

A royal predicate is an award for companies, societies or institutions which play an important role in the society, are nationally important or which have existed for at least 100 years. The distinction symbolizes respect, appreciation and trust from the King towards the recipient.

A business is usually awarded the title for a period of 25 years. However, this period can be extended for a further 25 years if the business, society or institution continues to meet the demands associated with this distinction. Innovation is still one of our key elements and the distinction was recently extended for another 25 years.