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Where it once started manufacturing first aid dressing in Amsterdam in 1880, Royal Utermöhlen has grown in recent years into both a national and international player in the field of self-care articles. HeltiQ is the consumer brand of Royal Utermöhlen, which is mainly used in the Dutch market. Internationally, the majority of our products are being sold under the private label brand of our distributors.

The invention of the first aid dressing in 1901 made Utermöhlen known worldwide as many soldiers’ lives were saved thanks to the ability to quickly dress heavily bleeding (bullet) wounds in wars that were fought. Thanks to this life-saving invention we were awarded with the designation Royal by Queen Wilhelmina. Would you like to know more about our rich history? Then take a look at our timeline here.

Royal Utermöhlen has been at the heart of self-care for more than 140 years. Our goal is to make quality self-care accessible to everyone, so that the end-users of our products can get on with everyday life. Therefore, we supply from our own production facility professional products to treat minor skin ailments. Not just in the Netherlands, but also on a global scale. From Europe to America, and from Asia to Australia.

We are Royal Utermöhlen.
Self-care provider, now and in the future.

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Royal Utermöhlen
Who we are, what we do and our rich history!

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Proud of who we are, what we do and our rich history. Since 1880, we have been there where people are in need of self-care products. Accessible, reliable and professional quality for everyone. Then, now and in the future!