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Innovation and product development is an important core value for us. Our goal is to provide the best solution for the consumer to threat their minor skin ailments. Staying on top of market developments, spending time on various studies, having a critical eye and developing new or improved products is essential to this. By responding to these needs, we not only grow in our profession but also in our area of expertise.

One such area of expertise is the production of cryotherapy (freezing) products. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience with cryotherapy because of continued testing and research, we developed in 2013, after the Wart Freezer product, a new product in this field with the Skin Tags product. This was joined by a new product in 2022; the Tick Away product was launched on the market. We also respond to market demands and developments internationally, which has led to our products now being exported worldwide. From Europe to America, and from Asia to Australia.

We strive to make our company even more future-proof and sustainable. Gaining more knowledge, sharing more knowledge. To this end, we have set up an Advisory Board, including a general practitioner, a dermatologist, a vascular surgeon and a wound biologist. In this way, we as a company can gain better (and especially more) insights into relevant trends and gain knowledge on certain medical topics. Because knowledge is power, but sharing knowledge is strength. In this way, we can consistently offer high-quality, professional and qualitative self-care products.


143 years at the heart of self-care
Royal Utermöhlen has been at the heart of self-care for 143 years. Our goal is to make quality self-care accessible to everyone, so that you can get on with everyday life.
National and international player
From Europe to America, Asia to Australia. We believe that everyone deserves the best care possible. Wherever in the world.
Patented cryotherapy products
Knowledge and experience in the production of cryotherapeutic products (freezing) is our strength. This has led to our patented products being exported worldwide.