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What once started as a business specializing in the production of first aid dressing in 1880 became a Royal company, which has evolved into both a national and international player in the field of over-the-counter products. Nationally we do this with our consumer brand HeltiQ and we supply an extensive product range to first aid resellers.


HeltiQ offers a wide range of wound care, sports care, maternity care and various self-care products. With HeltiQ, we focus on consumers who want to treat minor skin ailments independently without the intervention of a doctor. Accessible, reliable and professional quality.

From baby, toddler, preschooler, child, adolescent, adult to elderly. HeltiQ offers products for every stage of life.

143 years at the heart of self-care
Royal Utermöhlen has been at the heart of self-care for 143 years. Our goal is to make quality self-care accessible to everyone, so that you can get on with everyday life.
National and international player
From Europe to America, Asia to Australia. We believe that everyone deserves the best care possible. Wherever in the world.
Patented cryotherapy products
Knowledge and experience in the production of cryotherapeutic products (freezing) is our strength. This has led to our patented products being exported worldwide.