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Management change Royal Utermöhlen

Management change Royal Utermöhlen

Erwin Diekman, Siebe van der Meer and Sjaak Pronk will take over the management responsibilities from Piet Bandell and Martin Pereboom as of July 1, 2024.

Piet & Martin: “Since the takeover in 2018, we have all worked hard to make the necessary changes within Utermöhlen. The organization is now in good shape and we have made great plans for the future. Erwin, Siebe and Sjaak are excited to shape these plans with our motivated team. They have been working at Utermöhlen for a long time and know the industry and the internal organization. It is with great confidence that we hand over the responsibility. We will remain involved as owners in a supervisory role and in specific projects which contribute to Utermöhlen’s ambitions.”.

As Managing Director, Erwin Diekman will be responsible for Strategy, Sales and Business Development. Siebe van der Meer, as Operations Director, will be responsible for Marketing, Logistics and Purchasing and Sjaak Pronk, as Finance Director, will be responsible for all matters around Finance, Production, Compliance and HR.

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