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New owners of Royal Utermöhlen

Overname Koninklijke Utermöhlen 2018

Wolvega, 30 januari 2018

Last week, the acquisition of the operations of Royal Utermöhlen was completed. The activities of Royal Utermöhlen, nationally known for its A-brand HeltiQ, will continue under the leadership of Piet Bandell and Martin Pereboom from its familiar current location in Wolvega. The plans of the national and export-oriented company will continue to focus on delivering high quality products in wound and sport care, maternity care and over-the-counter products for minor skin ailments.

Going forward, the company will continue to expand its current markets in the Netherlands, Europe, North/South America, Middle East, Australia and Asia. Among others, new applications are being developed in the area of freezing skin ailments (cryotherapy).

The former owner of Royal Utermöhlen, Don T. van der Vat, is stepping down from Royal Utermöhlen after 30 years of active involvement in the company. In 1998 Mr. Van der Vat acquired the company and became independent from the former owner OPG.